As a citizen, you have an obligation to the country’s tax system, but you also have an obligation to yourself to know your rights under the law and possible tax deductions – and to claim every one of them.
-Donald Alexander, Former IRS Commissioner

Proper planning takes time; research has to be done to determine what entity choice is best for each business and what unique deductions can be taken.  A line by line analysis of the tax return is necessary to do a thorough job for the client.  Tax Strategists have numerous resources at their disposal to analyze each area of the return to identify as many deductions as possible.
We listen to the client and then choose the right diagnostic tools at our disposal in order for the tax plan to work for the client.  True tax planning takes time to review the solution and see if it will work for the client.  A tax planner should not only look at the short-term solution but rather the short AND long term solutions to ensure the client is in the best possible solution.

About Our Firm

Mark Wojno, CPA

Mark Wojno earned his BBA in Accounting from Eastern Michigan University. His career includes positions in public accounting with local and regional accounting firms. After earning his CPA license, Mark founded, Mark Wojno and Associates, a public accounting and tax preparation firm. He also founded Diversified Mortgage Service, a mortgage brokerage and financial services firm providing insurance, investments, and consultation services. The experience he acquired while running those previously owned businesses gives him valuable insight that he uses to help his clients here at Pinnacle Tax Advisory.

Beth Perri, Office Manager
Pinnacle Tax Advisory

As the office manager at Pinnacle Tax Advisory, Beth Perri truly enjoys making connections and applies her expertise to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients.  She keeps the tax team running with her positive, proactive attitude and attention to detail.   Beth is an Insurance Licensed agent with over 15 years of business and management experience.   Beth is married and has three children.  She enjoys spending time with her family, cultivating the organic landscape and garden at her beautiful home and invests in her health and overall fitness.