The process starts with your personalized proactive tax strategy

Here is how it all works for YOU…

A brief interview will be conducted with your Certified Tax Strategist to uncover where you are now and where you want to be in the near and long term future, for you personally and/or your business.  We will have just a few quick and simple questions about your current situation to determine the best Proactive Strategy for you.

Then, you will complete a brief Tax Questionnaire where you will briefly share with us your financial, business and investment goals as well as your budget of living expenses.  We will need a copy of your last year’s tax return (both personal and business, if applicable) along with a brief description as to each business entity.  The more detailed the information, the more comprehensive our tax plan for you.

Your personal Certified Tax Coach reviews your information and develops a complete Proactive Tax Strategy by utilizing resources, conducting research and employing collaboration with other Certified Tax Coaches from across the country.  Great planning takes time to investigate and bring a 100% answer to any type of scenario, but this is where the ‘magic’ happens… this is where our clients average $15,000 in savings per year!

You will speak with your Certified Tax Coach to review the details of your plan and open it up to dialogue. Typically this meeting is done face to face and lasts about an hour. We won’t miss anything because you will be in possession of your written tax strategy that has listed all of your available deductions, credits, loopholes and tax strategies.


  • Identify opportunities for improved tax minimization strategies
  • Optimize entity configuration
  • Formalize short and long term goals for both business and personal
  • Create a blueprint of proposed tax plan


  • Creation and filing of any legal documents necessary in carrying out the minimizing tax plan
  • Record keeping and software implementation
  • Stress test to audit proof tax plan
  • Put in place proactive metrics to measure if tax plan is on target for prescribed tax savings


  • Ongoing support to keep you informed of tax law changes and new opportunities to either save more tax dollars or protect your assets
  • File necessary IRS Forms by their deadlines
  • 3 Different Levels that perform specific to your needs and budget